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Raila's Records

Raila has been implicated in very many scandals. The Kisumu Molasses Plant is the biggest of all Railas scandals. We if my memory is right, the corruption in the Molasses Plant project led to the death of Kenyas dearest politician Robert Ouko.

Around 1996, Raila went around Luo Nyanza collecting money to revive the molasses project. A total of Ksh. 58 million was collected locally and Ksh. 20 million collected from Kenyans living abroad. At one time Orengo mounted pressure on Raila to explain where the money went but Raila did not come up with any good explanation except saying that the money was safe in a bank account.


From 1996 to present Narcs Raila Odinga has never explained how the money was spent. Many people speculate the Raila spent that money to expand the East Africa Spectre a manufacturing company owned by the Odinga family.



In an interview with the Nation Raila said:

Nation: Last week the leadership of the Democratic Party revisited the issue of the Kisumu Molasses Plant and accused you of collecting money from the public ostensibly to revive the project, but which did not happen. The DP said you should be held to account. What do you say?

Raila: First, I think the record needs to be put straight. I was never a member of the Kisumu Development Trust. I am not one of their trustees. However, I was and still am supporting the revival of the Kisumu Molasses Plant. Other facts ought to be made clear here. This project was conceived, initiated and began at the time when most of those in the leadership of the DP today were in government. As a matter of fact, the Minister of Finance at that time was the DP leader (Mwai Kibaki). It is him who owes us a lot of explanation over what happened to the billions of shillings that were sunk into the project. We are trying to clean up the mess created by these individuals now in the Opposition.


Dr Ochuodhos view on Raila and the Molasses Plant

Addressing a news conference at Parliament Buildings, Dr Ochuodho said the two parties entered the "cooperation'' with the understanding that five projects will be undertaken in Nyanza, none of which had been done. Among them were the revival of the cotton and sugar industries, the Kisumu molasses plant and the tarmacking of the Homa Bay/Kendu Bay road.

"There is very little to celebrate about in that appointment''.

He said there was conflict of interest in Raila's appointment as energy minister since his firm, the East African Spectre dealt basically with energy.

Dr Ochuodho said he had been surprised by his party leader's acceptance of the ministerial post, "because I expected that he would only go for the top seat, the presidency.'' He challenged the NDP leader to "clarify" to Kenyans whether he was still running for the presidency.''


Orengos View On Raila

Ugenya MP James Orengo yesterday dismissed the revival of the Kisumu molasses plant as a big dream that will never come true.

Speaking in Kilgoris after attending a court session, Orengo dismissed plans to revive the plant as a move meant to politically dupe the people of Nyanza Province. He claimed that he had already visited the plant to assess it and found it dilapidated.

The legislator said even the late Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Robert Ouko, tried in vain to revive the plant in the early 80s.


Job Ominos Views on the Plant Funds

Mr Omino threatened to raise the issue on the floor of the House when Parliament resumes.
The Rangwe MP challenged Mr Odinga to explain the state of properties owned by the defunct Luo Thrift Company and the funds raised by local people to revive the Kisumu molasses plant.

Mr Odinga was also asked to tell Luos "what became of the Sh100 million paid out to a company to remove the water hyacinth from Lake Victoria." He was addressing a news conference at Parliament Buildings.


An Ordinary Mwananchi From Oyugis Had This To Say


There are so many unanswered questions, Raila

During the struggle to reintroduce multi-party democracy in Kenya, Raila Odinga flooded the media houses with calls on Kenyans to shun the draconian one-party state and agitate for pluralism.

Unlike Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Onyango Okello and Adhu Awiti, who went into political exile in America, Canada, and the Netherlands, respectively, Raila chose to fight for change from home. His fight for this noble cause, together with Masinde Muliro, Oginga Odinga, Paul Kibugi Muite, among others, bore fruit. It saw to the repeal of section 2(a) of the Constitution, allowing multi-partyism.

They were later to be joined in their struggle by Mwai Kibaki, Kenneth Matiba and Oloo Aringo to criticise the very regime under which these three gentlemen had so obediently and loyally served.

But, looking at Mr Odinga today, sitting in the Cabinet of the very Government he had so vehemently opposed, one question lingers in the minds of most Kenyans: Why the sudden about-turn?

But even as he sits in his spacious office in the powerful Ministry of Energy, critics still question what became of the money collected to buy shares to revive the stalled Kisumu molasses plant.

The sugar factories in his political backyard are in an economic quagmire. A national fish-processing factory is yet to be put up in Nyanza. The problem of the water hyacinth is yet to be completely solved. The Kisumu airport is yet to be upgraded to an international status.

A teaching and referral hospital is yet to be established in Nyanza Province. Need I say more?



These two missions will push us to ensure Raila Odinga gets the secretary-general's post. But our biggest mission is to bring the Luo back to Kanu and into the government. If we are able to get the people into the government, we will have achieved a lot," the assistant minister told the Sunday Nation.Sunday Nation Sunday, March 17, 2002


Hon. Karauris Opinion on acclamation

"No voting takes place in Kasarani. If secret ballot was allowed, may be the result would be different. But in Kasarani, 6,000 delegates vote by a show of hands. Anything can be endorsed because they choose the speakers. If they know you will oppose the desired line, they will not extend the microphone to you. If they do and you begin to raise a dissenting voice, they will take away the microphone or switch it off," he says. Sunday Nation Sunday, March 17, 2002

Raila Opinion on acclamation

He (Raila) described yesterdays elections as "free and fair" saying the will of the people had prevailed. Daily Nation March 19, 2002

Raila said unlike the Opposition which appears confused on how to select their candidate, Kanu has its nomination machinery in place. The merger was the hard part. Nominating a candidate should not pose any problem as we have the machinery in place, said Raila. EA STANDARD

Raila said, only Kenyans have the full mandate to decide and pick their next leader. The next President, Raila said, should be someone who understands politics and has a definite agenda for all Kenyans. East African Standard August 10, 2002

Kanu secretary-general Joseph Kamotho, who faces a stiff challenge from National Development Party leader Raila Odinga, has been emphatic that the secret ballot should be used in today's elections. DN March 18, 2002

Raila Odinga, Secretary General of Kenya African National Union (Kanu), said that his Rainbow Alliance faction is planning to boycott the upcoming nominations, in protest to Moi's alleged interference in the choice of candidates SABCNEWS

The National Development Party (NDP) Presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga yesterday admitted that he erred by hand-picking parliamentary candidates in parts of Luo Nyanza. He said the issue had led to wrangles and sharp divisions

among the NDP supporters, threatening to make the party lose footholds in some of its strongholds. Raila was addressing a rally in Migori town. http://www.elections.co.ke/issue35.htm#Raila%20Says%20he%20Erred


Narc views Raila as a tribal leader. This is what they have to say about Raila:"Finally in January 1997, with his sights on the upcoming General Elections, Raila left FORD-Kenya to join the little known National Development Party(NDP),....and led a massive walkout of MPs from FORD-Kenya, mostly from his Luo-Nyanza Province, into his new party."National Rainbow Coalition Website

Raila is misguided . . . look at his history and it will attest to it. Let him keep his attention to Kanu. His views are totally irrelevant. We did not comment on their decibel democracy at Kasarani, Wamalwa retorted. EA STANDARD

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Kibaki I singled out cabinet ministers Uhuru Kenyatta (Local authorities), Joseph Kamotho (Environment) and Raila Odinga (Energy) for their direct contribution to the suffering of Kenyans, mainly the poor. Democratic Party of Kenya - umoja na haki - toka gizani


"We are prepared to die, we are prepared to give our lives today. We will show that Moi is not Kenya. He cannot treat Kenyans like sheep and goats," opposition leader Raila Odinga told reporters. CNN NEWS May 31, 1997

Raila Odinga, leader of the National Development Party, criticized the presidents attempt to curb radio broadcasts, calling the move "an affront on fundamental freedoms." THE FAITH TODAY


It was Raila who received the President to shouts of 'Nyayo' and 'Tinga Tinga' (Odinga's National Democratic Party slogan) and not the Minister for Home Affairs, the KANU ultra-loyalist Shariff Nassir. Later during the funeral of 22 schoolgirls who died in a tragic dormitory fire, Raila was again at Moi's side. NewAfrican JUNE 1998

He (Raila) defended Kanu's past record, saying the injustices it had committed against Kenyans were not comparable to what whites did to South Africans during apartheid. Daily Nation Sunday, July 30, 2000


"As a result of opportunism, opposition unity fell.. the opposition was divided and

it made it easy for KANU (the ruling Kenya African National Union) to rig the elections," said Mr Odinga when addressing the members of the Kenyan community in Botswana. The Botswana Gazette of 22 July 1998

One of Mr Odinga's biggest weaknesses is that he hardly ever preaches peace. He seems to believe that he is always right and others have nothing to offer. ..He quit FORD Kenya and his parliamentary seat on sensing that he was going to lose his place in the party hierarchy in the coming party elections Daily Nation Friday 10 January, 1997


"Change will not come by removing (President) Moi from power and replacing him with Mr Nyachae, Mr Kibaki or Raila," said Mr Odinga. BBC


The Catholic Church asked Raila Odinga, a powerful opposition leader now allied with the government, to take responsibility for the acts. The Church's most powerful organs in the country, the Justice and Peace Commission and the Kenya Episcopal Conference, said that although they expected Odinga to deny a connection, they would want him to own up to it. "We will expect that the leader will say that he was not responsible for the violence and should not be held responsible as he as always done," said Fathers Michael Ruwa and Anthony Njui of the Justice and Peace Commission. Catholic World News

The practice of MPs who have openly declared their support for others but continue to retain their parliamentary seats and draw salaries must end, Raila said D NATION March 20, 2002


"Whereas I am congratulating them, I would like to caution Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga that as they relish their successes, they should not ignore history. They should study carefully, political history of Charles Njonjo, G.G Karuiki, Joseph Kamotho and Prof George Saitoti,'' he (Muite) said. Daily Nation, March 20, 2002

Democracy should be a process in which the people, rather than an autocratic cartel, present and review options, and then agree to follow a certain policy. Mr. John Kamau Daily Nation March 20, 2002

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